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Guitar ReRanch Touch Up Pens

Many of the Fender and most of the Guitar ReRanch colors are now available in a convenient touch up pen. For a quick touch up first wipe the damaged area with naphtha to clean it and then simply push the tip down on a hard surface (not your guitar yet!). Once you have a feel for the speed of the flow touch the tip to the chipped area on your guitar. To prevent runs position the guitar so the drop will dry level in the chip. Let it dry for a few hours. The lacquer will probably dry thinner than the original finish. If so repeat until the lacquer is even with the original finish. Three or four or more repeats are not uncommon. For most repairs the above method will be all that is needed.

If you want the repair to be near invisible once the lacquer is level (or nearly so) to the original finish use the clear coat pen to lay in two or three coats of clear lacquer. When the clear lacquer is dry the filled area should be slightly higher than the original finish. Let the clear coats dry for at least three days and then wet sand the fill flat with # 1000 sandpaper. Use a small sanding block to sand. Follow with grades #1200, #1500 and finish with #2000. Keep the paper wet when sanding. The repair can now be polished with polishing compound on a soft cotton cloth. We recommend 3M Finesse It II.

Please note; The colors are blended from ReRanch colors and while the we attempt to match the named colors the closeness of the match depends also on individual color batches used by the original manufacturer and the environment a particular instrument has been subjected to. Shipping for pens only will be by USPS Priority Mail.